by Trophy Wife

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released May 20, 2013

All tracks written by Trophy Wife © ®. Recorded at Iglu
Studio and Safehouse Studio. Tracks 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and
11 were produced and mixed by Andrew Halford and
Trophy Wife. Tracks 2, 3, 7 and 9 were produced and
mixed by Ben Rimmer and Trophy Wife. Mastered by
Aidan Laverty. Cello on Glue, Hold On and Antipodea
by Oli Humble Thomas. Clarinet on High Windows by
Josep Vicent Garces Pellicer.

Artwork and design by Tim Hughes and Kit Monteith.

Thanks to: Jason Marcus, Andrew Halford, Michael
Woods, Yannis Philippakis, Al English, Natasha Bent,
James Rubin, Joe Brittain, Sandy and Margaret Monteith,
Phil and Alison Prewett, Imogen Rigden, Steve Lunn,
Julian Rimmer, Lorna Monteith, Gabriel Metayer, Joe
Rimmer, Paul and Joan Rimmer, Mathew, Adam and
Dominic Prewett, Magdalena Caballero, Karina Scuteri
and Cristina Riveiros



all rights reserved


Trophy Wife Oxford, UK

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Track Name: Absence
One by one we re-assess
I take these steps
So delicate
On and on
We disconnect
And take these breaths
So delicate
I can't help but want to keep you near
Your presence I want
Your absence I fear
Track Name: Glue
In this cold paradigm there're too many places to hide
How could you not know
I'm too tired to fight through the labyrinth of your mind
How could you not know
It's true
It could ruin everything if I give you the benefit
It could become anything if I give you the benefit
All the thoughts of before won't light these corridors
How could you not know
How could I not see
Why could you not show
If you won't tell then how can I know
I try, I need to remember how all this descended
I try, but I can't pretend that this hasn't descended
Track Name: What You Gave Away
There won't be another time for the opportunity
To get back what you gave
But you gave away more in secrecy
There'll be no better time to surrender the cause
But you can't get it back
Once you've severed the cord
Get back what you gave
But you gave away more
Track Name: Like No Other
Tell me of visions uninhibited
They will take me wherever I want to go
I know it's borrowed
But without it I'm unrecognisible
This utopia comes whenever my guard is low
You can be like no other
I will unravel
But that means nothing to me
If you will take me to wherever I want to go
You can be like no other
Stay with me like no other
Track Name: Surfacing
I won't let anyone disturb me from this state
Through me chemicals begin to separate
They turn me inside out
It's what I came here for
Is tomorrow surfacing at all
I came back this time with your ghost in my mind
And through me chemicals begin to separate
I won't let anyone turn me inside out
Track Name: Microlite
I know you know the way
Be it hollow all the same
I hope you know the way
Because it goes and it goes and it goes away
Wait for the day when the light scatters our mistakes far away
It goes and it goes then it goes away
Track Name: Heavy Touch
In this heavy sun the colours will run and wash over me
It's all that I wanted to feel
You said to me, "I'm on my knees, see to my needs with certainty"
You said to me, "Let me be but comfort me with certainty"
Track Name: High Windows
I'm looking for something to hold onto
Are we ready now
Are we ready now to follow
All we're believing are things we have not seen
In anticipation of high windows
Are we ready now
Are we ready now to follow
I'm looking for something to hold on for today
Let's follow
In foolish dreams we are free again
Track Name: Always Falling Away
You're so late
Are you delayed
So long I must wait for you
You were always falling away
It's so late
Were you led astray
I'll wait anyway
For who
If you were always falling away
Track Name: Hold On
I scan the ceiling
Summer leaks in
No one needs to be alone
Erased memory
Of this face you see
No one needs to be alone
You won't ever see what keeps on haunting me
It keeps me holding on
You keep me holding on
This dark that you see is temporary
No one needs to stay alone
My heart on a screen defines me
I want you right now
I need you right now.